Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Windows 7 Activation key

 Windows 7 Activation Key - Activate All Versions of Windows 7

After using Windows 7 Loader , your Win7 copy will be activated 
windows 7 activated

In order for Windows 7 to become fully functionally it is essential to have the correct activation key for your computer. The activation key for Windows is five sets of five letters and numbers. When a version of Windows 7 is purchased it should have the key for Windows 7 included in the purchase. However, many find themselves in situations where they need to install Windows 7 on multiple computers or a new computer. In these situations you may need a new Windows 7 activation key in order for it to be installed correctly on your other computers. It is possible to install Windows 7 without the activation key, but it will only run properly for thirty days before prompting you for the activation key for windows 7. For those who do not have their key for Windows 7 activation we have activation keys available for free on this site.

How Does a Windows 7 Activation Key Work?
The activation works by registering your computer with Microsoft so that they know that the version of Windows 7 you are running is legitimate. Once you have your Windows 7 activation key you are able to input it into your computer which allows you full access to all of the features provided by the Windows 7 operating system. As mentioned before if you do not have an activation key, or yours is invalid your computer system will not function properly and it will lock you out after thirty days. The only way to unlock and regain access to a locked computer is to obtain and submit a valid activation key for Windows 7. Once this is done the computer will function properly allowing you full access.

How to Activate Windows 7
Once you have your key for Windows 7 activation there are a few options for how you use it to activate your copy of Windows 7. The simplest way is to right click on the “computer” icon that should be located  on the desktop. If it is not located there you can access it from the start menu. Once you have located the my computer icon you can right click which will pull up a list of options. One of these options should say “properties.” Once you have selected properties there should be an option which says “activate windows.” Once this is selected there should be a step by step program that appears in which you can input your Windows 7 activation key.

Get Your Windows 7 Activation Key for Free
There are many reasons you may need a new activation key for Windows 7. Rather than having to go through the hassle of getting a new activation key or even buying a whole new version of Windows 7 we provide free activation keys for Windows 7 on our website. Our activation keys are 100% legitimate and will work on any machine that supports Windows operating system. All it takes is downloading the activation key from our site and following the directs and your computer will be fully functional in no time at all.


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