Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Windows 7 serial keys

Windows 7 Serial Key - Windows 7 activator working for all Windows 7 versions .

windows 7 serial key
After installation,your copy of Windows 7 will be activated.You don`t need a serial key as this tool activate your Windows 7 permanently.
windows 7 serial keys
And voila.Windows is activated.

In order to be able to use Windows 7 it first needs to be activated with the Windows 7 serial key. Without activating your copy of Windows 7 with the Windows 7 serial number you will not be able to run the operating system and it will render your computer basically useless.  The Windows 7 serial number comes with every copy of Windows 7 that is bought and sold. It is used to activate and verify that the copy of Windows 7 installed is legitimate. Windows 7 serial keys are composed of five sets of five random letters and numbers. When obtaining a Windows 7 serial  key it is important to make sure that there are the right amount of numbers and letters. There are many reasons why you may need a Windows 7 serial. A common reason is wanting to install a copy of Windows 7 that was previously installed on an old computer onto a new computer. Fortunately, for those who have lost their Windows 7 serial number our website provides new ones for free.

The Necessity of a Windows 7 Serial Key
Due to the fact that you can easily install and run Windows 7 without a serial number for activation many think that obtaining one is unimportant. However, Windows 7 will only run for thirty days before locking you our of the system if a valid serial key is not obtained. This can be a hassle and very frustrating. Windows 7 serial numbers also verify and unlock all of the features that are available in Windows 7. Most major operating systems and software uses serial keys for activation in a similar manner as Windows 7 does.

How a Windows 7 Serial  Works
Each copy of Windows 7 has a serial key in the registry. This serial key however is encrypted and nearly impossible to access. Trying to find this serial key in the registry is not recommended as it can be permanently damaging to your computer. When you input a valid Windows 7 serial it is matched up against the encrypted serial number already contained in your computers system. If these numbers match in the correct way your computer will know that the copy of Windows 7 you are using is valid. During the process Microsoft will also be notified of your computers activation.

Once you have your Windows 7 serial number you need to find the “computer” icon. This is either located on the desktop or in the start menu. When you right click on the icon a list will pop up. From this list select the option called “properties.” A window should appear with the option to “activate windows.” After clicking on this a step by step guide should appear to take you through the process of activating Windows 7 with your serial number. If this does not work you can try calling Microsoft support on the phone or try downloading another one of our free serial keys from our website.

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